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The Goldfish Project
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Welcome to The Goldfish Project

Learn almost anything, everywhere!

This project gives you the chance to learn almost anything not only in a fast way but also ensures that you remember it for a long time.
Using your cell phone, you can learn the content that you want - anywhere you want.

Your personal content

Instead of just giving you a number of facts to learn, The Goldfish Project lets you choose your content from a wide range of user-created lectures. Whether you want to learn vocabulary, geography, politics, sports, etc., you just add the corresponding lectures to your account and start learning exactly what you want.
If you can not find what you want to learn, just create it on your own. Writing a lecture is very easy, everyone can do it right away. If you want, you can share your lectures with others and let them profit from your work.

Always up to date

When you learn content that is due to change (presidents, members of government, Super Bowl champions, ...), you will automatically receive updated versions of your lectures on your cell-phone. The lectures are monitored by their authors and by The Goldfish Project. If you see that a lecture is not up to date anymore, use the message function of the app to notify the author.

Getting started is easy

You don't have to register for using the app, although it is recommended. Try it out and then devide whether to create an account. You will love it!

It's getting better and better

Not only you, also The Goldfish Project will improve over time. It is currently a young, one-man project with a lot of ambition. You can help by reporting bugs or asking for future features. Just use contact us by email. We don't bite ;-)

Enjoy the Goldfish experience!